Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Emi Suzuki is one of those successful models of many japanese magazine in priority of the so called "PINKY" magazine she appeared to be the opening face of pinky mag issue. Well aside that she is a chinese by the way given that she looked like a japanese at first glance later on her life she did went to japan to learn japanese and also did changed her chinese name into Emi Suzuki. She has a very slender and skinny bodily structure XD given that she has incredible long limbs standing at 5'8 I think, but well correct me if Im wrong. Her face too is indeed very pretty plus I think her nose is natural if u could look into her young pic you would gladly observed that her nose is original in any form of it XD nah but that's just my opinion anyways nice nose she got. I can't seem to find many reasons why most of the japanese models are in a dyed hair >___< that sometimes it looks uber so coppery like wire head XDD LOl. or corn hair Head XDD LOl. They do love sporting that look which I think very westernized. But maybe it adds glamour when camera took a shot of them as the color reflects the light more. ok moving on to the makeup look ehem again this is not my magazine scan there's a link to it nor I don't claim it to be mine just want to post because I find it so very pureety and of course emi too ^___<. Im sure many of you can copy this look even without the same product featured on the tutorial just copy it with the color of makeup dupes that you have and I can say you can follow the look. In the end smile and have a great day everyone.

Im so tired blogging sometimes and getting bored and lazy because of the too much heat the sun gives these days oh please God give us some rain ^______^.

-Jane! -<3 xyrine