Thursday, September 10, 2009

Angel Cheeks *^____^*

Aha This is my first very own Angelika Blush. Phew after many days of thinking whether I will buy it or not In the end I gave in. XDD my elder brother was partly scolding me near the cashier though -___- he was saying oh you have already a few blush with you why buy another one? XD I can't reply I just chuckled nyahahaha. I have weak knees over this blush especially after you've seen this Angelika Blush numerous of time being reveiwed by some pretty bloggers. Including the kind Fuzkittie ^___^. So I said Hey I deserve one, and I think this would last me a long long time since I don't really apply much of a blush. and Whenever I apply it on night occasions or a night dinner with family friends and mom, I just dab a brush in the blush pan then blend it in my cheeks. I do have a high cheek bones and a chubby cheeks. XD My chin is also flat and not pointed in a way. Hahaha. But my most prominent feature is my Eyes I have a nice double lid which is round all the way down even in the inner corners of my eyes nyahahaha. I don't like much of my nose though it looks like a cat's nose. XD I envy my brother's caucasian nose it's pointy and has a high nose bridge. Plus he is tall. >___> ( he could even be mistaken for a model). XD nyahahaha.

what am I saying here Ok moving on the the Angelika Blush I bought it in Rustan's essences 1st floor near the entrance. XDD LOl!

the Damage: 1350 php around $28 USD

would I still purchase again: Sure If I emptied the blus pan without breaking out. then this will be my HG blush if it won't break me out. Well see. But this will last a long time, Its 4g I think. XD.

-Jaane- I enjoyed reviewing with you guys. haha

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fairy Dust

This is my First Step by step tutorial guys XD for this fairy lilac pink look. I took the pic as usual with my crappy cp's camera. however I managed to took some good photos. ^__^ A novice learns. Ok moving on to the tutorial:

1.) Do your 3- Step Skin Regimen.
2.) Apply Pond's Day Cream ( Im Used to this cream as it makes my face glow and I don't need a lot of Blush to create pink cheeks well seriously it's true I didn't apply any blush in this look). I also have the serum but I only apply it during night time, yes I believe you can apply it during day time but the ingredients is more sensitive to the sun rays. and much more likely for you to develop photosensitivity. Since the ingredients is highly concentrated.

3.) Apply any concealer of your choice to your lids. (Since I don't have any eye primer like UDPP) I used concealer for double purpose, first to hide my dark bags, 2nd to bond the eyeshadow,

1.) Apply the first Eyeshadow on your whole eyelid including the underbrow to pop your eyebrows and accentuate it's arch.
2.) Apply the 2nd eyeshadow on your lid
3.) Apply the 3rd eyeshadow on half of your lid starting from the outer part.
4.) Apply the 4th eyeshadow close to your lashes
5.) Curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler ( I use shu -uemura eyelash curler)
6.) Tight line with MUFE Aqua Eyes in OL
7.) Then apply mascara ( I use CG Lash blast Hydrofuse)
8.) Optional (use a heated Lash curler to maximize more of your eyelashes length)

1.) I moisturized my lips using kiss my face lipbalm in cranberry orange ( I love this lipbalm so much it makes my lips glossy pink, Although I wouldn't Approve much of it's scent because it smells like orange with paracetamol XD LOL. That's how I would describe it.
2.) Next I applied Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint on my lips to create that bitten berry lips(yum!)
3.) Finish off with some lipgloss. I use (Para Do lipgloss is a japanese one I think it belongs to kesalan Patharan Para Do). I think this lipgloss was released a long time ago already and I got them buy one take one, I Have the light peachy pink one and the other was a beigey orange color they are so pretty like a gelatin film covering your lips. )

> The Title reminds me the color of the powdery sparkles that's being created whenever a fairy pats her wand. So Nostalgic
> Sorry Guys the eyeshadow doesn't show the detail in the photo it shows like it's only a purplish white cast on my lids. But I hope you Appreciate my effort ^___^- Jaane- Enjoy the tutorial.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Skin Recipe

This Step by Step Makeup tutorial will enable you to use different products to form a flawless finish. I Adore how japanese ladies can look so good with flawless makeup just by using different products I hope it's not in the Photoshop of the picture but still it looks so good. With that porcelain skin. I manage to just finish of my skincare with just the basic ritual cleanse, tone, moisturize, and don't forget to apply sunblock. I don't use concealer always I just use it to cover my very coveted dark eye bags. I don't use foundation too is that bad? I just use BB cream but not always. Neither I use loose powder cause Im allergic to loose powder it makes me sneeze all the time. That's why Im loyal to products that finishes like a powder veil on my skin even though it's a liquid when you applied it. ^_____^

Always stick to products that works best for your skin. If you want to change for a products always try the trusted never risk your skin esp your face skin into a products that's only good at claiming benefits while in truth doesn't make a big difference, but oh well specific products works on specific problem areas or type of a skin. Asking an expert or beauty guru would also help in choosing the right makeup for you and for your skin type. Many girls wants to try to buy lots of makeup or skincare because they find it effective to other people. But first before you buy it ask for free samples and try it on a liberal amount. And if the store doesn't have any free product samples try their testers if it works in an instant or our skin is comfortable with the feel then try it. ^____^ having allergic reactions to beauty products is a big no-no.- Jaane-


My very First Mascara Review alast.
What I like About This Mascara is that it seperates my lashes well cause of it's rubber bristles and makes my lashes standout XD seriously Im not even wearing any falsies or fake lashes when I took that picture of my eye from my crappy cp cam XD. The only Downside of this mascara which I always Noticed is that it tends to flake sometimes. When it terms of removing you must find a good makeup removers, Much appreciated if its a cleansing Oil. It would be much easier to remove waterproof mascaras in that way. Aside from lashblast Mascara I also love MLMJ mascara. They are the best so far it's like a liquidy mascara that bonds even to your most tiniest lashes. But that one is very hard to remove hahaha.

The Damage of this CG lashblast Mascara is around: 600+ php

Would I still Purchase it? Yes But I think this Tube will last me Long since I usually don't apply mascara all the time just for a new look. XDD Since my eyes get itchy when putting mascara I dunno even hypoalllergenic mascara makes my eyes itchy in a way. XD Even if they are not expired. Im taking care of my eyes I don't want to succumb it by putting a lot of mascara and eyeliners or eyeshadows. Give your Eyes a rest from makeup ^__^ XDD nyahahaha.- Jaane-

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Noir (Autumn Mystique)

One stare with this look and you'll definitely fall in Love with. XD Great for party etc. If you want this look for day just make it soft or you might ruin this look. Im Falling in love with my CG Lashblast everytime I used the waterproof one. It Make my Lashes standout XD I'll review it sooner or later. I know it's oldschool to review that already but I just like to share what that mascara does wonders to my lashes. Gotta find that perfect Nudy Pink Lipgloss XDD

Rouge Eye

Sorry guys I haven't Blog lately I was in Iloilo To have some time bonding with my cousins. Nyahaha It was a hell lot of fun I mean I couldn't compare it to something and It's a feeling that's indeed priceless when you experience that kind of happiness or anticipation. Anyways This Rouge Eye Look is very good for any date option or Spring beat day look. It's very feminine I hope you like this one I think I might review some more of my things lately and run after the times that I haven't blogged XD I hope I can catch up to your expectations. Please comment ^___^ -Jaane-