Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vintage Doll Makeup

The Concept of this make-up was partly Vintage and barbie-ish or dolly look. It was a nice makeup because even at this light you can even sport this even at Night because of the eyes that was emphasized clearly due to falsies. And yet I looks so simple and natural just don't go over paler at face try to still match the foundation on your neck. And use the pink shade that corresponds into your skintone as well. Hmm I wonder what would be your christmas makeup or your holiday look? I want to see it too. ^___^ That's all for now -Jane! muah...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gomen T__T Haven't Blog once in a while.

We'll Sorry guys that I haven't put something on my blog for this past 2 months. Because I was away from home reviewing for the board exam with my cousin. ^__^ We'll when in talks about my skin on it's condition it's in a stable condition right now but some breakouts are due to hormonal matters. Don't worry I'll post some makeup tutorial or anything that corresponds to my mood whether to blog for the day or not. However that magazine scans that I will post are not mine nor I don't claim they are my Mag scans I just like to share it with you because I found them so pretty. ^__^ and thanks to those people who upload their mag scans I greatly appreciated their effort for it. ^__^ Jane for now.! Sorry for the pic I was in the Mall. XDD when my cousin took this photo of me ^__^.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Angel Cheeks *^____^*

Aha This is my first very own Angelika Blush. Phew after many days of thinking whether I will buy it or not In the end I gave in. XDD my elder brother was partly scolding me near the cashier though -___- he was saying oh you have already a few blush with you why buy another one? XD I can't reply I just chuckled nyahahaha. I have weak knees over this blush especially after you've seen this Angelika Blush numerous of time being reveiwed by some pretty bloggers. Including the kind Fuzkittie ^___^. So I said Hey I deserve one, and I think this would last me a long long time since I don't really apply much of a blush. and Whenever I apply it on night occasions or a night dinner with family friends and mom, I just dab a brush in the blush pan then blend it in my cheeks. I do have a high cheek bones and a chubby cheeks. XD My chin is also flat and not pointed in a way. Hahaha. But my most prominent feature is my Eyes I have a nice double lid which is round all the way down even in the inner corners of my eyes nyahahaha. I don't like much of my nose though it looks like a cat's nose. XD I envy my brother's caucasian nose it's pointy and has a high nose bridge. Plus he is tall. >___> ( he could even be mistaken for a model). XD nyahahaha.

what am I saying here Ok moving on the the Angelika Blush I bought it in Rustan's essences 1st floor near the entrance. XDD LOl!

the Damage: 1350 php around $28 USD

would I still purchase again: Sure If I emptied the blus pan without breaking out. then this will be my HG blush if it won't break me out. Well see. But this will last a long time, Its 4g I think. XD.

-Jaane- I enjoyed reviewing with you guys. haha

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fairy Dust

This is my First Step by step tutorial guys XD for this fairy lilac pink look. I took the pic as usual with my crappy cp's camera. however I managed to took some good photos. ^__^ A novice learns. Ok moving on to the tutorial:

1.) Do your 3- Step Skin Regimen.
2.) Apply Pond's Day Cream ( Im Used to this cream as it makes my face glow and I don't need a lot of Blush to create pink cheeks well seriously it's true I didn't apply any blush in this look). I also have the serum but I only apply it during night time, yes I believe you can apply it during day time but the ingredients is more sensitive to the sun rays. and much more likely for you to develop photosensitivity. Since the ingredients is highly concentrated.

3.) Apply any concealer of your choice to your lids. (Since I don't have any eye primer like UDPP) I used concealer for double purpose, first to hide my dark bags, 2nd to bond the eyeshadow,

1.) Apply the first Eyeshadow on your whole eyelid including the underbrow to pop your eyebrows and accentuate it's arch.
2.) Apply the 2nd eyeshadow on your lid
3.) Apply the 3rd eyeshadow on half of your lid starting from the outer part.
4.) Apply the 4th eyeshadow close to your lashes
5.) Curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler ( I use shu -uemura eyelash curler)
6.) Tight line with MUFE Aqua Eyes in OL
7.) Then apply mascara ( I use CG Lash blast Hydrofuse)
8.) Optional (use a heated Lash curler to maximize more of your eyelashes length)

1.) I moisturized my lips using kiss my face lipbalm in cranberry orange ( I love this lipbalm so much it makes my lips glossy pink, Although I wouldn't Approve much of it's scent because it smells like orange with paracetamol XD LOL. That's how I would describe it.
2.) Next I applied Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint on my lips to create that bitten berry lips(yum!)
3.) Finish off with some lipgloss. I use (Para Do lipgloss is a japanese one I think it belongs to kesalan Patharan Para Do). I think this lipgloss was released a long time ago already and I got them buy one take one, I Have the light peachy pink one and the other was a beigey orange color they are so pretty like a gelatin film covering your lips. )

> The Title reminds me the color of the powdery sparkles that's being created whenever a fairy pats her wand. So Nostalgic
> Sorry Guys the eyeshadow doesn't show the detail in the photo it shows like it's only a purplish white cast on my lids. But I hope you Appreciate my effort ^___^- Jaane- Enjoy the tutorial.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Skin Recipe

This Step by Step Makeup tutorial will enable you to use different products to form a flawless finish. I Adore how japanese ladies can look so good with flawless makeup just by using different products I hope it's not in the Photoshop of the picture but still it looks so good. With that porcelain skin. I manage to just finish of my skincare with just the basic ritual cleanse, tone, moisturize, and don't forget to apply sunblock. I don't use concealer always I just use it to cover my very coveted dark eye bags. I don't use foundation too is that bad? I just use BB cream but not always. Neither I use loose powder cause Im allergic to loose powder it makes me sneeze all the time. That's why Im loyal to products that finishes like a powder veil on my skin even though it's a liquid when you applied it. ^_____^

Always stick to products that works best for your skin. If you want to change for a products always try the trusted never risk your skin esp your face skin into a products that's only good at claiming benefits while in truth doesn't make a big difference, but oh well specific products works on specific problem areas or type of a skin. Asking an expert or beauty guru would also help in choosing the right makeup for you and for your skin type. Many girls wants to try to buy lots of makeup or skincare because they find it effective to other people. But first before you buy it ask for free samples and try it on a liberal amount. And if the store doesn't have any free product samples try their testers if it works in an instant or our skin is comfortable with the feel then try it. ^____^ having allergic reactions to beauty products is a big no-no.- Jaane-


My very First Mascara Review alast.
What I like About This Mascara is that it seperates my lashes well cause of it's rubber bristles and makes my lashes standout XD seriously Im not even wearing any falsies or fake lashes when I took that picture of my eye from my crappy cp cam XD. The only Downside of this mascara which I always Noticed is that it tends to flake sometimes. When it terms of removing you must find a good makeup removers, Much appreciated if its a cleansing Oil. It would be much easier to remove waterproof mascaras in that way. Aside from lashblast Mascara I also love MLMJ mascara. They are the best so far it's like a liquidy mascara that bonds even to your most tiniest lashes. But that one is very hard to remove hahaha.

The Damage of this CG lashblast Mascara is around: 600+ php

Would I still Purchase it? Yes But I think this Tube will last me Long since I usually don't apply mascara all the time just for a new look. XDD Since my eyes get itchy when putting mascara I dunno even hypoalllergenic mascara makes my eyes itchy in a way. XD Even if they are not expired. Im taking care of my eyes I don't want to succumb it by putting a lot of mascara and eyeliners or eyeshadows. Give your Eyes a rest from makeup ^__^ XDD nyahahaha.- Jaane-

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Noir (Autumn Mystique)

One stare with this look and you'll definitely fall in Love with. XD Great for party etc. If you want this look for day just make it soft or you might ruin this look. Im Falling in love with my CG Lashblast everytime I used the waterproof one. It Make my Lashes standout XD I'll review it sooner or later. I know it's oldschool to review that already but I just like to share what that mascara does wonders to my lashes. Gotta find that perfect Nudy Pink Lipgloss XDD

Rouge Eye

Sorry guys I haven't Blog lately I was in Iloilo To have some time bonding with my cousins. Nyahaha It was a hell lot of fun I mean I couldn't compare it to something and It's a feeling that's indeed priceless when you experience that kind of happiness or anticipation. Anyways This Rouge Eye Look is very good for any date option or Spring beat day look. It's very feminine I hope you like this one I think I might review some more of my things lately and run after the times that I haven't blogged XD I hope I can catch up to your expectations. Please comment ^___^ -Jaane-

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Naked Beauty_ Lee Young Ae

Who is this girl by the way? She is Lee Young Ae One of those Asian beauties that has a graceful impeccable Timeless beauty. Not only that She doesn't always carry her face but she possess with a beautiful heart indeed for those who are needy cause she is a Goodwill Ambassador. Wish I could have that Uber porcelain skin of her XD Like Dita Von Teese's Skin XD. Im sure you Know LYA from that series Jewel in the Palace it's a very very good story . All packed in one hahaha. As for My title I consider her timeless beauty but since I don't plan to enter Fuz and mels contest due to lack of gadgets and necessary makeup to do tutorial I decided to change it into Naked beauty. In the sense that even though this girl won't wear makeup she is hell so pretty neh Kirei Deshou? (beautiful right ?). She is korean of course from the name itself. Other naked beauty Koreans that I admire are Song Hye Kyo (that pretty face from child to a full grown lady), Kim Tae Hee. I really admire ladies with white skin not because of being a racist or whatever but because of how these ladies took care of their skin with discipline and having good genes of course. But They had maintained their skin up to the point where in you can't see any freckles XDD booming around on their shoulders or faces. I still believe in Natural beauty XD We ladies out there should really advocate it. And Plus not only that we should focus on the outer side of the things. What's most important is nourish our body from the inside and our heart so that we can carry it with confidence. Our beauty will surely radiate outside and shine ^____^ -Jaane-

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Boule De Fraise De Mochi Choco

Hahaha Mochi Strawberry Ball. XDD Haul XD Again Sorry for the crappy pic XD I've been busy to blog lately because My cam is a crap XD. Anyways Just like to proceed with the review. This is one of those food that I just grabed from the grocery confectionary section and chocolate section XD. Without thinking about it's taste since Im pretty much hooked about the Black packaging hahaha. Well It Taste like strawberry marshmallow XD But I can't taste the inside core I dunno what it is but it says it is strawberry XDD it has no flavor indeed XD what the >.>. My Taste buds just frowned because of that XD. Anyways Would I still buy this one? Probably no because my Taste rejects this products and it isn't used for the taste XDD hahaha. I don't know Im just not impressed about the taste so sorry. I don't mean to hurt the people who like this mochi XD. But the name itself is super Kawaii sort like a squishy squishy name XDD - Jaane-Sayonara Mochi XDD

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mineral Power™ Clear Smooth Minerals (Healthy Natural Concealer)

Yay! A concealer. Just bought this a week ago, I got mine in medium-sand, I asked the saleslady if they have a lighter one since I have lighter skintone, but she said this medium one is suitable even for lighter one so at first I put some and tried if it blends on my skin and woah it goes on smooth and disappears into a natural coverage so I said hmm I'll try this one. sorry for the crappy pic. Before Im not using into a concealer even though I have serious dark eye circles nyahahaha. kinda had a phobia or having a white cast around the eyes. But I sure then give it a try. It doesn't cake which I like it as most of the concealer dries on a matte side, this one never failed despite one shade darker on my skintone it still goes on natural on me because of its yellow undertone that you can see on the swatch although sorry for the really crappy pic. And Aha I did show you my eyes closed up on this I put some around on my eyes hehehe and I wonder if u can see. Geez I didnt even put a before photo my sorry. I have a full lid too XDD and have a very big dolly eyes that even if I don't wear contact lens I would be mistakenly wearing one. hahaha. Plus I have deep set eyes. One of the reasons that I tried again to use a concealer is that my friends used to tease me as if I wore googles XDD or my mom would even scold me to stop using the laptop because I looked like I have penguin eyes according to mom. hahaha. Plus I hate taking Iron supplements cause I hate being constipated. So I just eat green leafy vegetable that has iron or meat products that is rich in iron. That way I can leave myself into drinking those icky big iron tablets. hahaha.

the damage: around 500 php

Don't forget: When applying concealer be patient dont rub or tug your eyelids as if you are in a hurry dab it around using light strokes and use your ring fingers as it's only the finger that has no pressure.

I hope you liked this one ^_____^- jaane- I hope soon I can do a little tutorial

Indigo and Gold Revolution

Review: hmm this makeup look really intrigued me why because its darling very beautiful. And who would have thought that u can look as if you just came from the runway XDD with those royal blue smokey eyes and that sparkling golden eyesy of yours. Geez Im getting bored these days so I get my eyes of with some medical books again. plus the dreaded period of mine arrived already after I was delayed for a bout a month and a half a think so maybe due to lack of appetite on eating or stress after that last month of having a flu too. But it's not Ah1N1 you know its not that super serious even though I had a fever for 4 days I thought mom would bring me already to the hospital but I fighto fighto my sickness. and had my water therapy everyday and eat little by little although I really don't have the appetite during those times and at last Im cured. thanks to my prayers too...-Jaane- please anyone out there copy this look ^_____^ I would be really disheartened if you don't. so please try one hehehe

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fuzkittie's Locks

Im sure many of girls are asking Fuzkittie what's her haircut style. How cute is that I saw this in one of those mag scans out there and it's very similar to fuz's haircut, . I even asked permission to fuz If I can post something like this and she welcomely said her approval. Geez Thank you so much fuz I respect u so much. ^__~ . Advance Happy birthday to you Fuz ^___6. And Guys please rave to see this one and don't miss the chance to have your hair in fuz way. ^____^ nyahahaha keep smiling and God bless to all of your beautiful blogs out there. -Jaane-

Pink, Orange, Bronze CHEEKU (>^__^<)

There by using those colors you can create a nice soft cotton candy flush. >^___^<, O^_^O, s^_^s, hahaha so kawaii. ^___^ enjoy this one -Jaane!

Summer Peachy Joli Rouge Lips

Hmm I think the lipstick is Shu uemura nyahahaha oh c'mon it's obvious hehe anyways. Moving onto the model's face I think the most prominent feature on her face is her lips and nose, and teeth, at first instant I always look in the eyes because that is the window to someone's soul. But I further noticed her nose and lips, She really had nice cupid's bow on her lips too ^__^ the Lunasol blush so heavenly to look at, though now I couldn't still afford such Im being ashamed cause I still don't have a work. Wish I could get a job but mom wouldn't permit me to be late or not yet at home when it's already dark outside. hays -___-. When will my never ending patience yield it's fruits? Maybe God is testing me ^__^ So I should still wait and don't make matters into hurry. -Jaane-

Smokin Amber

Geez When did I started to be attracted to amber eyes oh probably because of Yato the sexy wolfy guy that has golden amber eyes. XDD Nvm Anyways it's cute looking at that sexy brushed slight sun bronzed on her face. ah it makes you glow. ^____^ anyways- jaane-

Bohemian Butterfly

Bohemian Butterfly Title is something I really thinked over. Since the palette resemble like that of a butterfly wings, It's so cute to look at plus that royal blue shirt. Kinda noticed that blue and brown goes really well together maybe because the brown is on earthly colors and the blue one is on the water side so they kinda emphasize a balance. That Has been my observation. But lately most of these days whenever I upload photos on blog the Mozilla browser just restarts I dunno what's been happening but oh well Im happy sharing again lots of things and Im happy even though I received just a few comments from people out there but I won't give up ^__^ and oh I've been reading my nursing notes and some medical books lately I don't want to suffer a cramp or block head when the 500 item NLE exam begins. ^___^ God has plans for me Im sure. -Jaane-

Friday, August 7, 2009

Comet Eyes RaVu (Love)

You can wear this look for a date or any colorful candy day that you'd like to brighten up your peepers XDDD ^_^ so cute I want to try this look too. ^____^ This is a very lovely day look that u can also go with a night one. ^___^ enjoy folks -Jaane!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

No Sweets No Life

I love the title of this one it's because the makeup tutorial looks like lots of chocolate inspiration XDD brown-ish XD. and Yeah I agree that if no sweets no life although I can't take too much sweets. I would prefer Dark chocolate. Cause too much sweetness makes my mandible or jaw hurt in a way like it would lock up XDD Lol how am I supposed to explain it hahaha. Anyways enjoy this one -Jaane! ^____~

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

10 Best Secrets To Improving Memory by: Willie T. Ong, MD

1.) List it Down
  • Our Brain remembers things that are listed. For some reason, we remember better in 3's, 5's, 10's. What are the top 3 causes of kidney failure? One, diabetes; two, heart failure, three, infections. Prioritize. List it down. This orderly approach will function like a peg in your memory.

2.) Develop Good Mnemonics
  • Adopt other people's mnemonics or make your own code. The latter takes some time , but the rewards are greater. It'll stick in your mind more. In medicine, for example the 4D's in the treatment of heart failure are diet, diuretics, digitalis, and vaso dilators. To remember that LDL refers to bad cholesterol, think Lechon de leche
3.) Mark your Books
  • Highlight your Books. Books are meant to be marked and personalized. The correct technique is to write short-page summaries at the top of the page. It's like a quick personal quick index, just by flipping your book. For important page numbers, Place a stick-on, or fold it a little on the upper outer corner. Remember "x" marks the spot. No mark, no memory.
4.) Use Index Cards
  • Try writing concise summaries of important concepts on 4 by 6 index cards. Later, file them in an index box. Once you've got a pile, you can grab it anytime, anywhere for quick review. These solid nuggets of wisdom are handy as memory joggers. Diseases, symptoms, drawings, and Mnemonics all go into these cards.
5.) Visualize and Draw It
  • A picture or illustration is worth a thousand words. Use your imagination. Stick figures are fine. For example, you can make diagrams for mnemonics and secret codes you made up. Write and file them in your index cards.
6.) Put Emotion to it
  • Can you forget the name and face of your crush? Never! Why? because you've invested a lot of emotion in it. Your brain's amygdala is working overtim with lots of cross circuity in your neurons. It takes no effort to remember.
  • This strategy can also be used in studying. Remember the poor patient dying of pneumonia. What's her name? with her face in your mind's eye, start studyin everything about pneumonia. I assure you, you'll remember every microbe, every symptoms, and every treatment possible to save her.
  • Another technique is to discuss the topic with your teacher or your friend. Debate on it. Associate it. Feel passionately about it. Whatever you do, put your emotions at work and boost your memory.
7.) Review again and again
  • Research shows that once we've learned something we tend to forget it in a week or two. Hence, you need to relearn the same thing to remember it. You need to relearn the same thing to remember it. You need at least two " imprints" on your brain to make it stick. The lessons here is that you have to study again and again. That's why our battle plan is to have at least two runs on each subject for board exam.
8.) Decide to remember
  • Train your mind. There's nothing like using your willpower and again your emotions to make yourself remember. Say it out loud, promise to the high heavens that you will remember. Be positive. Make yourself believe that you will remember.
9.) Use your subconscious mind
  • Research shows that studying before sleeping is effective in imprinting what you've learned in your brain. It's even better if you dream about it. And though you thought your mind was not absorbing what you have read, you'll find that you can remember every detail when you wake up.
  • The lesson here is in focusing and not letting distractions (watching movies, getting into arguments, thinking of other projects) get in between your learning and your subconscious mind especially before you sleep.
10.) Have a healthy lifestyle
  • It's the most important tip and yet often neglected. Eat healthy food, exercise a bit, eight hours of sleep, and you'll get more from your body and your mind. With regard to vitamins and supplements, There's no definite brain booster pill yet. But you can take omega-3 fish oil supplements ( may increase blood flow to the brain) or multivitamins if you want. Take it easy on the coffee too.
  • Finally think positive. Pray and believe that you will pass have faith. Ask your friends and relative to pray for you, too. Just as a clean engine delivers great power, so will a clean, guilt- free mind accomplish the task at hand-- pass and not to fail, to remember and not to forget. GOOD LUCK!
* These tips really put a smile on my face now where did I found out about these article. As soon as mom arrived from her work she gave it to me I thought she would give me money or food, But I was partly shocked that it's so thoughtful of her to give me and cut these article in a newspaper. Since The National Licensure exam for nurses on November is coming near. If I'll be afraid of something that would happen to me as a person or as a being it would be to forget. I don't know why but Im always afraid to forget of something because I really treasured memories in my brain whether for good or bad I really appreciate it because that's what made me as a person. And sometimes I came to think of what's important beauty or brains? In the end for me, both are essential in a person, Because if the person is smart and intelligent, kind, humble, that's what other people see's in her/him as a beauty, not just for physical I mean. People are also concerned about their physical aspects including I. Because people are afraid to look on their age. But it's not bad to take care of themselves it's what I called discipline. But We should nourish our body and soul from the inside first and I assure it will surely radiate outside of us. ^___^ -Jaane-

Friday, July 31, 2009

Barbie Hair

This is what all the girls have been waiting for. Remembering those times when I was a kid my Aunt or my mom used to buy me lots of barbies and with those cute to elegant pieces of dress she used to wear not only that her hair pieces are endless from those long wig to that changing magical hair color. Nyahahaha somehow I regret taking care of my barbie I used to be very rude to my barbie when I was still a child I would pop out one of their head and transfer it to a different body. If they can only scream during those times they will or rather they will haunt me in my dreams. Thinking about barbie's Hair and figure would envy any girl. But isn't it very peculiar that barbie managed to have a very thin waist while her bust is so big and almost perfectly lifted. While in real life in order to have bigger breast is to have a good genes and many hormonal factors. Since most of the time if you are Fat your breast will grow big too if u are thin your breast will be likely to be small. But of course that depends because Hormones and genes plays an important role to us and to our body. Lol Why did I ended up on breast thingy here? so funny. XDD. Hmmm maybe because most girls or any beauty critic would envy barbie's figure. nyahahaha. Anyways just like to share this -Jaane- Please support my blog I need your comments Geez where are guys?