Monday, August 10, 2009

Bohemian Butterfly

Bohemian Butterfly Title is something I really thinked over. Since the palette resemble like that of a butterfly wings, It's so cute to look at plus that royal blue shirt. Kinda noticed that blue and brown goes really well together maybe because the brown is on earthly colors and the blue one is on the water side so they kinda emphasize a balance. That Has been my observation. But lately most of these days whenever I upload photos on blog the Mozilla browser just restarts I dunno what's been happening but oh well Im happy sharing again lots of things and Im happy even though I received just a few comments from people out there but I won't give up ^__^ and oh I've been reading my nursing notes and some medical books lately I don't want to suffer a cramp or block head when the 500 item NLE exam begins. ^___^ God has plans for me Im sure. -Jaane-

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