Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mineral Power™ Clear Smooth Minerals (Healthy Natural Concealer)

Yay! A concealer. Just bought this a week ago, I got mine in medium-sand, I asked the saleslady if they have a lighter one since I have lighter skintone, but she said this medium one is suitable even for lighter one so at first I put some and tried if it blends on my skin and woah it goes on smooth and disappears into a natural coverage so I said hmm I'll try this one. sorry for the crappy pic. Before Im not using into a concealer even though I have serious dark eye circles nyahahaha. kinda had a phobia or having a white cast around the eyes. But I sure then give it a try. It doesn't cake which I like it as most of the concealer dries on a matte side, this one never failed despite one shade darker on my skintone it still goes on natural on me because of its yellow undertone that you can see on the swatch although sorry for the really crappy pic. And Aha I did show you my eyes closed up on this I put some around on my eyes hehehe and I wonder if u can see. Geez I didnt even put a before photo my sorry. I have a full lid too XDD and have a very big dolly eyes that even if I don't wear contact lens I would be mistakenly wearing one. hahaha. Plus I have deep set eyes. One of the reasons that I tried again to use a concealer is that my friends used to tease me as if I wore googles XDD or my mom would even scold me to stop using the laptop because I looked like I have penguin eyes according to mom. hahaha. Plus I hate taking Iron supplements cause I hate being constipated. So I just eat green leafy vegetable that has iron or meat products that is rich in iron. That way I can leave myself into drinking those icky big iron tablets. hahaha.

the damage: around 500 php

Don't forget: When applying concealer be patient dont rub or tug your eyelids as if you are in a hurry dab it around using light strokes and use your ring fingers as it's only the finger that has no pressure.

I hope you liked this one ^_____^- jaane- I hope soon I can do a little tutorial

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