Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Peachy Joli Rouge Lips

Hmm I think the lipstick is Shu uemura nyahahaha oh c'mon it's obvious hehe anyways. Moving onto the model's face I think the most prominent feature on her face is her lips and nose, and teeth, at first instant I always look in the eyes because that is the window to someone's soul. But I further noticed her nose and lips, She really had nice cupid's bow on her lips too ^__^ the Lunasol blush so heavenly to look at, though now I couldn't still afford such Im being ashamed cause I still don't have a work. Wish I could get a job but mom wouldn't permit me to be late or not yet at home when it's already dark outside. hays -___-. When will my never ending patience yield it's fruits? Maybe God is testing me ^__^ So I should still wait and don't make matters into hurry. -Jaane-

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