Monday, September 20, 2010


First of all guys I'd like to apologize for blogging out for so long ,I've been very busy and at times I feel bored blogging without anyone commenting for real. Well anyways moving on to the tutorial Im super duper already sure that many of you like this look why simple because you can copy this look with any products that has a dupe on the picture tutorial plus the makeu-up is not so overdone it's clean natural and will look good on anyone as long as you can choose the right shade for your face and for your skintone. ^__< This picture is from the MAQUIA jap magazine OCt 2010 issue. The scans are not mine nor I claim it is mine. Another thing this make-up tutorial was sported by one of my favorite japanese model of all times Emi suzuki ever since, she starred in the spotlight she already has this unique doll look, Full bangs, and super gorgeous bone structure well she is skinny the way she is but the fact that she has incredible metabolism too now that adds. I hope you like this one ^___^- Ja-ne bye bye!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Everyone Wants To Be a Cat

Note: Those cans are not mine just re-posting this make-up look because I find it so gorgeous. When It takes about the Cat eyeliner Im telling you that you can't go wrong with it well aside from the trick that elongates your eyes it creates also a wake-up looked on it. Any day Any time you can sport the Cat Eyes look. Know what it's the best partner of a red lips think of Dita Von Teese. And You can pair thus with a pinky nude lips or Milky pink what ever suits you and your personality. Just like what the picture portrays. Wish I could post a version of my cat eyes but lemme tell you guys I suck at drawing eyeliner I just used tight lining XD LOl so Gomenasai.-Ja-ne! (bye) XOXO.

Friday, July 9, 2010


This is my recent Haul haha Lol. It's White Tree Vita Force Serum see the Pictures attached? Along with the July 2010 issue of Preview Magazine featuring La Greta a.k.a Gretchen Baretto. Ok moving on to the products

It says it's for Moisturizing and Whitening so let's see
Sorry for the Crappy Picture

35 Ml/1.18 Fl. Oz

White Tree:
A naturally bright Solution . The highly functional White tree Line is formulated with extract from wild East Asian Vitamin Tree to brighten skin. (Lol I didn't know that there is such thing as called as the Vitamin tree).

Written on the Back:
Specially formulated with extracts of Sea Buckthorn, also known as the Vitamin Tree (Ah so that's it), for the abundance of vitamins to provide concentrated care for dull skin. This light, fast absorbent essence, clarifies and hydrates skin while fading blemishes and evening out tone to leave skin with a healthy glow.

Caution: X__X For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. keep out of reach of children discontinue use if signs of irritation and /or rash appear.

Ingredients: Ok here it goes this is gonna be long
Water, HIPPOPHAE RHAMNOIDES EXTRACT, CYCLOMETHICONE, BUTYLENE GLYCOL, Glycerin, Arbutin, SD alcohol 40-B, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, PEG 100 Stearate, Mangifera Indica/ (Mango) seed butter, SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS (jojoba) seed oil, Sodium hyaluronate, Stearic Acid, Squalene, Glyceryl Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Sodium Acrylate/ ACRYLOYL DIMETHYL TAURATE COPOLYMER (AND) ISOHEXADECANE (AND) POLYSORBATE 80, POLYSORBATE 60, SORBITAN SESQUIOLEATE, METHYLPARABEN, PHENOXYETHANOL, PERFUME, PAEONIA SUFFRUTICOSA ROOT EXTRACT (AND) PUERARIA LOBATA ROOT EXTRACT, ACETYL TYROSINE, CAFFEINE,NIACINAMIDE, Tocopheryl Acetate, Propylene Glycol, CHAMOMILE RECUTITA (MATRICARIA) Flower extract, Propylparaben, Salicylic Acid, Stearyl GLYYRRHETINATE, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Metabisulfate, Red 4.

Phew it's not a joke typing all these chemicals believe me or not I didn't Copy paste the ingredients I manually typed it. It gave me a good laugh too by reading those chemicals some have weird and funny names haha.

What I Like about this product is that it offers an instant brightening effect, and it is super fast absorbing I only need 5 drops for my entire face including my neck already It's moisturizing and glowy although it isn't on the gooey side wherein it's super drenched and oily it's light and watery in consistency. But I still have to use it and wait for it's effect to occur. ^__^ I hope it livens up to what it says but as we all knew we have different types of skin and skincare. So not one product works for all, but who knows we'll definitely see ^__<. -Ja-ne (bye!)

Sorry Guys It's Been A While ^_^

Hi Guys It's been a while I haven't blogged lately, well sorry I've been really busy for these past few months like on a vacation and having fun. I hope Im able to regain the feeling of wanting to re-blog more and I need more of your comments of what you'd like to see and to expect or any suggestions? LOl! Im also being lazy these days besides that Im always doing the same make-up style and I only do wear make-up when Im going out, but other than that Im completely bare faced cause you see it's been so hot lately and I only apply sunblock when Im at home. Anyways I've attached a current picture of myself haha, Geez I've been breaking out these days also maybe due to the super hot weather here in the philippines, and due to my hormonal imbalances when my period is coming near girls you know what I mean. I miss you all and take care - Ja-ne! bye :P

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Emi Suzuki is one of those successful models of many japanese magazine in priority of the so called "PINKY" magazine she appeared to be the opening face of pinky mag issue. Well aside that she is a chinese by the way given that she looked like a japanese at first glance later on her life she did went to japan to learn japanese and also did changed her chinese name into Emi Suzuki. She has a very slender and skinny bodily structure XD given that she has incredible long limbs standing at 5'8 I think, but well correct me if Im wrong. Her face too is indeed very pretty plus I think her nose is natural if u could look into her young pic you would gladly observed that her nose is original in any form of it XD nah but that's just my opinion anyways nice nose she got. I can't seem to find many reasons why most of the japanese models are in a dyed hair >___< that sometimes it looks uber so coppery like wire head XDD LOl. or corn hair Head XDD LOl. They do love sporting that look which I think very westernized. But maybe it adds glamour when camera took a shot of them as the color reflects the light more. ok moving on to the makeup look ehem again this is not my magazine scan there's a link to it nor I don't claim it to be mine just want to post because I find it so very pureety and of course emi too ^___<. Im sure many of you can copy this look even without the same product featured on the tutorial just copy it with the color of makeup dupes that you have and I can say you can follow the look. In the end smile and have a great day everyone.

Im so tired blogging sometimes and getting bored and lazy because of the too much heat the sun gives these days oh please God give us some rain ^______^.

-Jane! -<3 xyrine

Thursday, January 28, 2010

EyE Make-up Drill by VOCE MAGAZINE

Hi Guys Im back to blogging, ok first thing's first these magazine scans are not mine nor I don't claim that they are my scans. I just like to share it with you guys because I really found it very useful for those makeu-up junkies,beginners or whatever I myself is also a beginner I can't even perfect the eyeliner stroke because my hands are shaky plus my eyes is very sensitive to most of eye products so I should be very picky in choosing one. Ok moving on to the tutorial many already have sported the eyeliner look be it on the dramatic, day look, cat eye like everyone's most favorite of all because it has the illusion to elongate your eyes and eyelashes as well. Although I can't understand japanese however the picture itself is very good because you can do it step by step even without reading you. One big point which I always found that the japanese people like to play up with is their eyes they are fond of putting lots of eyeliner in their eyes and nudy pink lips or whatever nude like they want I think that the key point is just a sheer wash of color or the Au Naturel look as always the makeup technique that makes you look like you're not wearing any make-up at all. I knew already that some of you are already experts in the field of eyelining their eyes. I hope that practice makes perfect ^___^ Jane! love lots xyrine

PS: I really do miss blogging but sometimes I can't take the boredom of uploading pics then sighting a lot of reviews yet I didn't received any feedback from you guys please comments or suggestions ^__^.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kao Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy Shampoo

Hi Mina-san (everyone) Im sorry that I haven't Blogged for a long time. We just currently visited Singapore for Holiday pleasure. And in my search for beauty haul I saw this Shampoo bottles in Sasa in Isetan Mall. And what else Im really Hooked up with this product range. In the sense that I replaced partially my HG shampoo which is the Tsubaki damage repair. What I love about this product is that it's cheaper and offer to it's promise. I also got a Digital Perm a few days back but the curls didn't appear well on my hair because for the fact that my hair had undergone rebonded a few years back. But this shampoo is Ideal for permed hair, colored, rebonded etc. hence it does it's wonder in your hair. Gives you that nice shine and I love the smell too It reminds of lychee fruit. I've attached a photo of mine on the day of our arrival in Changi Airport Singapore. This Shampoo and Conditioner really gives your limp hair volume and Shine and a wonderful smell that's oh so heavenly ^___^. I'm Glad and Lucky to have one. LOl!.

Here is the product info @

Shampoo and Conditioner both feature honey, royal jelly extract and hydrolyzed conchiolin protein to penetrate damaged hair, leaving it softer, stronger, and more natural looking.


  • Imported from Japan, comes with English usage and ingredients translated by TrueRenu.
  • Hydrolyzed conchiolin proteins deliver powerful polypeptides that moisturize hair.
  • High concentrations of honey and proteins penetrate damaged hair, strengthening follicles with regular use.
  • Wild rose essence provides moisture, with a fruity flower note.
  • Recommended for daily usage. For extra conditioning, compliment with KAO's Nuance Airy Hair Treatment (item 4124).
Product Description:

Protein and moisture gives dry, brittle, color treated or damaged hair new life. Honey, hydrolyzed conchiolin and royal jelly extract provide nourishing proteins that penetrate hair follicles. Two jumbo size orange bottles. Light aroma with a sweet note.

Highly concentrated Honey and Protein (Hair Protection Ingredients: Honey, Royal Jelly Extract, and Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein) leaves your hair moist and manageable.

With regular use, KAO's Nuance Airy Shampoo and Conditioner strengthens hair, improving softness and manageability. For more intense conditioning, combine with KAO's Nuance Airy Hair Treatment (item 4124) once a week or as needed.

For best results:
A single pump of shampoo on wet hair should be enough lather for most. Massage well and rinse with warm (not hot) water. Massage one or two pumps of conditioner from scalp to hair ends. Wait 3 minutes and again rinse with warm (not hot) water. Style as usual. Recommended for daily usage.

Shampoo: Water, ammonium lauryl sulfate, alchohol, glycol distearate, cocamide MEA, lauramidopropylbetaine, dimethicone, honey, royal jelly, hydrolyzed conchiolin protein, rose canina fruit (rose hips) extract, malic acid, lactic acid, bis-methoxypropylamido isodocosane, toluene sulfonic acid, isodecyl glyceryl ether, bis-isobutyl PEG-14/amodimethicone copolymer, bis(C13-15 alkoxy)PG-amodimethicone, hybrid sunflower oil, benzyl alchohol, myristyl alchohol, polyquaternium-10, polyquaternium-7, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, PPG-7, PG, butylene glycol (BG), sodium laureth sulfate, laureth-4, laureth-16, laureth-23, sodium chloride, potassium hydroxide, phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate, BHT, CI 45100, CI 15620, fragrance.
Conditioner: Water, stearyl alchohol, DPG, dimethicone, lactic acid, stearoxypropyl dimethylamine, cyclomethicone, amodimethicone, honey, royal jelly extract, hydrolyzed conchiolin protein, rose canina fruit (rose hips) extract, malic acid, bis-methoxypropylamido isodocosane, dipentaerythrityl hexahydroxystearate/stearate/rosinate, bis-isobutyl PEG-15/amodimethicone copolymer, hydroxyethylcellulose, hybrid sunflower oil, benzyl alchohol, alchohol, PEG-45M, butylene glycol (BG), steartrimoniumchloride, dicocodimonium chloride, CI 45100, CI 19140, fragrance.

Product Size: 2 Pump Bottles, Net Volume: each 550ml, or about 18.6 US fl o

-Jane! Comments Please...