Monday, September 20, 2010


First of all guys I'd like to apologize for blogging out for so long ,I've been very busy and at times I feel bored blogging without anyone commenting for real. Well anyways moving on to the tutorial Im super duper already sure that many of you like this look why simple because you can copy this look with any products that has a dupe on the picture tutorial plus the makeu-up is not so overdone it's clean natural and will look good on anyone as long as you can choose the right shade for your face and for your skintone. ^__< This picture is from the MAQUIA jap magazine OCt 2010 issue. The scans are not mine nor I claim it is mine. Another thing this make-up tutorial was sported by one of my favorite japanese model of all times Emi suzuki ever since, she starred in the spotlight she already has this unique doll look, Full bangs, and super gorgeous bone structure well she is skinny the way she is but the fact that she has incredible metabolism too now that adds. I hope you like this one ^___^- Ja-ne bye bye!

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