Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Everyone Wants To Be a Cat

Note: Those cans are not mine just re-posting this make-up look because I find it so gorgeous. When It takes about the Cat eyeliner Im telling you that you can't go wrong with it well aside from the trick that elongates your eyes it creates also a wake-up looked on it. Any day Any time you can sport the Cat Eyes look. Know what it's the best partner of a red lips think of Dita Von Teese. And You can pair thus with a pinky nude lips or Milky pink what ever suits you and your personality. Just like what the picture portrays. Wish I could post a version of my cat eyes but lemme tell you guys I suck at drawing eyeliner I just used tight lining XD LOl so Gomenasai.-Ja-ne! (bye) XOXO.