Thursday, January 28, 2010

EyE Make-up Drill by VOCE MAGAZINE

Hi Guys Im back to blogging, ok first thing's first these magazine scans are not mine nor I don't claim that they are my scans. I just like to share it with you guys because I really found it very useful for those makeu-up junkies,beginners or whatever I myself is also a beginner I can't even perfect the eyeliner stroke because my hands are shaky plus my eyes is very sensitive to most of eye products so I should be very picky in choosing one. Ok moving on to the tutorial many already have sported the eyeliner look be it on the dramatic, day look, cat eye like everyone's most favorite of all because it has the illusion to elongate your eyes and eyelashes as well. Although I can't understand japanese however the picture itself is very good because you can do it step by step even without reading you. One big point which I always found that the japanese people like to play up with is their eyes they are fond of putting lots of eyeliner in their eyes and nudy pink lips or whatever nude like they want I think that the key point is just a sheer wash of color or the Au Naturel look as always the makeup technique that makes you look like you're not wearing any make-up at all. I knew already that some of you are already experts in the field of eyelining their eyes. I hope that practice makes perfect ^___^ Jane! love lots xyrine

PS: I really do miss blogging but sometimes I can't take the boredom of uploading pics then sighting a lot of reviews yet I didn't received any feedback from you guys please comments or suggestions ^__^.