Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Boule De Fraise De Mochi Choco

Hahaha Mochi Strawberry Ball. XDD Haul XD Again Sorry for the crappy pic XD I've been busy to blog lately because My cam is a crap XD. Anyways Just like to proceed with the review. This is one of those food that I just grabed from the grocery confectionary section and chocolate section XD. Without thinking about it's taste since Im pretty much hooked about the Black packaging hahaha. Well It Taste like strawberry marshmallow XD But I can't taste the inside core I dunno what it is but it says it is strawberry XDD it has no flavor indeed XD what the >.>. My Taste buds just frowned because of that XD. Anyways Would I still buy this one? Probably no because my Taste rejects this products and it isn't used for the taste XDD hahaha. I don't know Im just not impressed about the taste so sorry. I don't mean to hurt the people who like this mochi XD. But the name itself is super Kawaii sort like a squishy squishy name XDD - Jaane-Sayonara Mochi XDD

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