Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Indigo and Gold Revolution

Review: hmm this makeup look really intrigued me why because its darling very beautiful. And who would have thought that u can look as if you just came from the runway XDD with those royal blue smokey eyes and that sparkling golden eyesy of yours. Geez Im getting bored these days so I get my eyes of with some medical books again. plus the dreaded period of mine arrived already after I was delayed for a bout a month and a half a think so maybe due to lack of appetite on eating or stress after that last month of having a flu too. But it's not Ah1N1 you know its not that super serious even though I had a fever for 4 days I thought mom would bring me already to the hospital but I fighto fighto my sickness. and had my water therapy everyday and eat little by little although I really don't have the appetite during those times and at last Im cured. thanks to my prayers too...-Jaane- please anyone out there copy this look ^_____^ I would be really disheartened if you don't. so please try one hehehe

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