Thursday, September 10, 2009

Angel Cheeks *^____^*

Aha This is my first very own Angelika Blush. Phew after many days of thinking whether I will buy it or not In the end I gave in. XDD my elder brother was partly scolding me near the cashier though -___- he was saying oh you have already a few blush with you why buy another one? XD I can't reply I just chuckled nyahahaha. I have weak knees over this blush especially after you've seen this Angelika Blush numerous of time being reveiwed by some pretty bloggers. Including the kind Fuzkittie ^___^. So I said Hey I deserve one, and I think this would last me a long long time since I don't really apply much of a blush. and Whenever I apply it on night occasions or a night dinner with family friends and mom, I just dab a brush in the blush pan then blend it in my cheeks. I do have a high cheek bones and a chubby cheeks. XD My chin is also flat and not pointed in a way. Hahaha. But my most prominent feature is my Eyes I have a nice double lid which is round all the way down even in the inner corners of my eyes nyahahaha. I don't like much of my nose though it looks like a cat's nose. XD I envy my brother's caucasian nose it's pointy and has a high nose bridge. Plus he is tall. >___> ( he could even be mistaken for a model). XD nyahahaha.

what am I saying here Ok moving on the the Angelika Blush I bought it in Rustan's essences 1st floor near the entrance. XDD LOl!

the Damage: 1350 php around $28 USD

would I still purchase again: Sure If I emptied the blus pan without breaking out. then this will be my HG blush if it won't break me out. Well see. But this will last a long time, Its 4g I think. XD.

-Jaane- I enjoyed reviewing with you guys. haha

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  1. That is a very pretty color on you. Is this a matte blush or does it contain some shimmer?