Thursday, September 3, 2009


My very First Mascara Review alast.
What I like About This Mascara is that it seperates my lashes well cause of it's rubber bristles and makes my lashes standout XD seriously Im not even wearing any falsies or fake lashes when I took that picture of my eye from my crappy cp cam XD. The only Downside of this mascara which I always Noticed is that it tends to flake sometimes. When it terms of removing you must find a good makeup removers, Much appreciated if its a cleansing Oil. It would be much easier to remove waterproof mascaras in that way. Aside from lashblast Mascara I also love MLMJ mascara. They are the best so far it's like a liquidy mascara that bonds even to your most tiniest lashes. But that one is very hard to remove hahaha.

The Damage of this CG lashblast Mascara is around: 600+ php

Would I still Purchase it? Yes But I think this Tube will last me Long since I usually don't apply mascara all the time just for a new look. XDD Since my eyes get itchy when putting mascara I dunno even hypoalllergenic mascara makes my eyes itchy in a way. XD Even if they are not expired. Im taking care of my eyes I don't want to succumb it by putting a lot of mascara and eyeliners or eyeshadows. Give your Eyes a rest from makeup ^__^ XDD nyahahaha.- Jaane-

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