Thursday, September 3, 2009

Skin Recipe

This Step by Step Makeup tutorial will enable you to use different products to form a flawless finish. I Adore how japanese ladies can look so good with flawless makeup just by using different products I hope it's not in the Photoshop of the picture but still it looks so good. With that porcelain skin. I manage to just finish of my skincare with just the basic ritual cleanse, tone, moisturize, and don't forget to apply sunblock. I don't use concealer always I just use it to cover my very coveted dark eye bags. I don't use foundation too is that bad? I just use BB cream but not always. Neither I use loose powder cause Im allergic to loose powder it makes me sneeze all the time. That's why Im loyal to products that finishes like a powder veil on my skin even though it's a liquid when you applied it. ^_____^

Always stick to products that works best for your skin. If you want to change for a products always try the trusted never risk your skin esp your face skin into a products that's only good at claiming benefits while in truth doesn't make a big difference, but oh well specific products works on specific problem areas or type of a skin. Asking an expert or beauty guru would also help in choosing the right makeup for you and for your skin type. Many girls wants to try to buy lots of makeup or skincare because they find it effective to other people. But first before you buy it ask for free samples and try it on a liberal amount. And if the store doesn't have any free product samples try their testers if it works in an instant or our skin is comfortable with the feel then try it. ^____^ having allergic reactions to beauty products is a big no-no.- Jaane-

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