Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gomen T__T Haven't Blog once in a while.

We'll Sorry guys that I haven't put something on my blog for this past 2 months. Because I was away from home reviewing for the board exam with my cousin. ^__^ We'll when in talks about my skin on it's condition it's in a stable condition right now but some breakouts are due to hormonal matters. Don't worry I'll post some makeup tutorial or anything that corresponds to my mood whether to blog for the day or not. However that magazine scans that I will post are not mine nor I don't claim they are my Mag scans I just like to share it with you because I found them so pretty. ^__^ and thanks to those people who upload their mag scans I greatly appreciated their effort for it. ^__^ Jane for now.! Sorry for the pic I was in the Mall. XDD when my cousin took this photo of me ^__^.

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