Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 A/W LOOk

So cute I always had the feeling that red lips attracts me a lot. Coughs* ehem It's not just a feeling but whenever someone put dark lips or stained lips makes me look at as if it's a candy cane or reminds of me Christmas eve lol or something that it makes me think that it's a berry ready to eat and served in my front. Of course my everyday look would just consist of berry stained lips I don't use dark makeup or smokey eyes etc as I don't go out at Night or Party just like party people (laughs) Im such a homey person. Whether if people would say to enjoy life have a party or gimmick I still would stick to my principles in life well at least I wouldn't form a bad habit in the end. Also the reason that I don't go out on the gimmick isn't because Im saving money or Im broke. It's that my mom who trained me of just staying at the house always, but it doesn't mean that she won't permit me to go on any occasions that would be held at night hahaha. Apparently we just have to follow rules in the house or at home otherwise you wouldn't live up to your boundaries. You know what I mean though. - Jaane! ^___~

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