Thursday, July 23, 2009

DOVE SOAP (not just your average soap)

I swear I've used a lot of soaps already. And I keep coming back from this one. This has been used by my little cousins who has smooth radiant skin. I would blog that cousin of mine to you guys so don't worry. Even Nicole Richie swears by this moisturizer soap. ^__^ Glad it's still on the market. and the damage? you can avail this for just P55 yes 55 pesos. So cheap and gives wonders to your skin. Even after shaved skin softens it including the growing hair from shaving. LOl! here's why Dove keeps your skin radiant smooth:

- Don't be fooled by the packaging: this is not soap. At least, it doesn't strip like normal soaps usually do. The solid body cleanser isn't sensitive to calcium, meaning no residue or unsightly soap scum in both the drain and on your skin. The result is a clean, fresh, after-shower feeling, with a smooth texture to the complexion to boot. Also, since most showers use hard water, finding a hydrating, non-residue-forming cleanser is important in keeping irritation at bay.

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  1. When you use this soap there is no doubt that your skin make so soft,that why i love this soft. :)