Monday, July 20, 2009

Create A Dolly Purple Look

Here are the material's needed to create the look. Doesn't mean that the look have to be achieved with the exact materials used in the magazine, be creative unleashed your talent and be proud. purple eyeshadow are best used in hazel eyes those iris that has a brownish tint in it, since purples and violets tend to expand more of those colors with yellow tone and brown has undertones of yellow. So maybe that makes sense that it opens up the eyes. But I fairly don't recommend it to those people with heavy dark under eye circles as it tends to emphasize those bluish under eye circles more. But if you have the guts to try it then use concealer. ^___^ and add some pale pink blush to balance the look. and Tadah! Dolly Face oh haven't I tell you guys that Im obsessed with dolls? Yesh Iam, dunno why but this feelings of mine wouldn't end. I guess That's passion. XDD Yeah Burning! OMG OMG. LOl. But these are just among the priceless things that makes me happy. Although Im allergic to stuffed toys, dolls, plushie etc that when u keep it does became dusty. >__> . T_____T sniffies. -END- Jaane!

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