Saturday, July 25, 2009

Natalie Portman

Aside from being a Talented actress she is indedd very smart. donning an always simple look makes her one step onwards to her other fellow actresses. But I always like smart and pretty actresses like Jodie Foster, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, They are smart . ok moving on to Natalie here are some background on her from Wikipedia.

Natalie Portman (Hebrew: נטלי פורטמן‎; born Natalie Hershlag June 9, 1981) is an Israeli American actress. Her first role came in the 1994 independent film Léon (known in the United States as The Professional). She achieved wider fame after playing Padmé Amidala in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.[Portman, who has said "I'd rather be smart than a movie star,"completed a bachelor's degree in psychology at Harvard College while she was working on the Star Wars films.

Her IQ they said is 140 XDDD

Einstein I believe is 160 although he haven't used his whole brain's capacity that much. XDD R.I.P Oji_san XD.


Although she says her family was not religious,Portman attended a Jewish elementary school, the Solomon Schechter Day School of Glen Cove, New York. She graduated from a public high school, Syosset High School. Portman skipped the premiere of Star Wars: Episode I so she could study for her high school final exams.

In June 2003, Portman graduated from Harvard College with a bachelor's degree in psychology. At Harvard, Portman was Alan Dershowitz's research assistant (he thanks her in The Case for Israel) in a psychology lab. While attending Harvard, she was a resident of Lowell Houseand wrote a letter to the Harvard Crimson in response to an anti-Israeli essay.

Portman took graduate courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the spring of 2004.[11] In March 2006, she appeared as a guest lecturer at a Columbia University course in terrorism and counterterrorism, where she spoke about her film V for Vendetta.[15]

In addition to being bilingual in Hebrew and English, Portman has studied French, Japanese,German, and Arabic.

As a student, Portman co-authored two research papers that were published in professional scientific journals. Her 1998 high school paper on the "Enzymatic Production of Hydrogen" was entered in the Intel Science Talent Search. In 2002, she contributed to a study on memory called "Frontal Lobe Activation During Object Permanence" during her psychology studies at Harvard.

-She studied Psch woah very smart I wish I could be smart as her though XDDD But still I got a long way to run. Nothing is bad in dreaming to achieve your goals in life as long as you believe in yourself and in your passion. Can't forget Natalie's Role in Star Wars though with Hayden the graphics are breathtaking too XDD. Love the aliens and the robots also (laughs). Natalie Launched her Vegan Shoes. That explains for her strict vegan life after seeing a chicken being experimented on her dad's lab and the chicken had to die. Lol poor Chicky XDDDD . Anyways just like to share this topic about her. And her voice is also heartmelting awww. Anyways keep being on the top Natalie. I've read the abstract on their research about frontal lobe online also hahaha. It says that when object permanence is developed there is an increase in the oxy hemoglobin content in the front lobe area. Which is one of the four lobes of our brain responsible for memory retention. ^________^ cool. Love this research thingy and etc. XOXO Natalie_san

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