Monday, July 20, 2009

Jun Kauluwehi Hasegawa

Who is she? She is Jun Kauluwei Hasegawa Kyaaagh >__< She is so pretty, one of those Hafu Japanese Models out there that I looked upon whereas in beauty, fashion, food , career. Lol did I say food? well because I saw one of her videos in youtube about food stuffs. She used to eat this big bowl of food and pizza in her front and she would smile and eat it all. Well that explains on how she is strict on her body. Eating those big piles of food and yet maintaining that gorgeous body. Also she said that one of her past time or hobby is attending to her belly dancing class. I really love her face because its so natural and exotic. Well I used to love those girls having Nice smooth fair baby skin but. Jun's skin is not that too white but as you can see it's properly nourished from within. that's why it radiates with only pureness Lol! Keep up the good work Jun. Gambattene! ^___^

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