Monday, July 20, 2009

Fix Those Unruly Brows

Brows Brows Brows Yes they're the one's that frame up our eyes. But Im not against in plucking, and Threading and tinting eyebrows. But tattooing brows is a big no no for me. Even if you are old and that your brows aren't visible anymore please don't result in to tattooing your brows. Being natural is important. you could still fix it by following one of these easy steps. My mom would always remind or even scold me whenever I ruined by brows because according to her thick brows makes a person young and thin brows makes a person look matured. But whatever! For me as long as it's not too thin not too thick it's good. I've found these tutorial about brows that would be helpful for those people suffering from thin or too thick browse. here are my tips about browse. before plucking it rub ice on your lids in order to numb it so that it wouldn't hurt too much. others are apply just a liberal amount of petroleum jelly to make it glossy or to fix it. Plus petroleum jelly makes your eyebrows darker too. But don't do it if you are in a doubt. If you are on a splurge side buy those Eyebrow powder set with wax already in the market. Hmmm Im having a question why Japanese girls want that sort of a blonde, brown like eyebrow craze, But according to some if you have Dark hair make your eyebrows appear on a little lighter side. and if your Hair is too light make your eyebrows appear a little darker. LOl! I have no Idea. Whatever works for you do it and stick to it. But there's no harm in trying as long as it looks good on you and wear it with proud XDD LOl! (laughs). -END- Jaane!

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