Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Namie Amuro

Namie Amuro - Queen of Japanese Pop Music- She is my Idol her svelte, slender, skinny, and
sexy Body XDD Remained her in the top and of course her incredible talent. She is already a mother of a son named haruto. For me If Barbie were a person she is the one. Lol! yeah she started that knee high boots and micro mini skirt craze among her fans. XDD Wish I could sport the look but I doubt here in the Philippines people might be looking at you saying are you off to a party on that look? XDD lol! She has this tiny tiny face *_____* that's so kyooot. Her age doesn't tell on how she looks. Love her! Daisuke Daisuke XDDD. She even sang for Inuyasha Anime >___< with her song entitled "Come" XDD. I'll Never forget the time that I first heard her song "Hide and Seek" and it instantly gave me goosebumps like I was about to dance even though I don't know how to dance. XDD (laughs). I love Never End too. I even saw her in youtube crying while singing Never End I think She dedicated it to her mother that was murdered. T__T sniffies. But look how happy she is now? XD She is like a fine wine that the more it ages the more it becomes stronger. No one can replace her in my heart. ^_____^ <3 <3 <3

Here are the List of her songs that will keep me inclined in any MV player for year after years nyahahaha.

1.) Wild
2.) New Look
3.) Diamond collaboration with DOUBLE
4.) Can't Sleep Can't Eat I'm Sick
5.) Sexy Girl
6.) Do Me More
7.) Girl Talk
8.) Funky Town
9.) Rock Steady
10.) Want me Want me
11.) Come
12.) Violet Sauce
13.) Hide and Seek
14.) White Light
15.) Wowa
16.) Should I love him
17.) Speed Star
18.) Never End

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