Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Kyaaah >__<. If anyone would own these makeup collection like Hell XDDD. She is very Vain nyahahahahaha. Please Don't slack of tons of makeup in your poor skin at early age. I beg you hehehe. Although they are really good to look at like candies in the palette. That I sort of wanna taste but if I did do it for real ack it would taste chemical XD unless the lipgloss is sweet. Because girls tends to lick their lips in a way. I keep asking why mom always wouldn't buy me such palette I would go like: Mom please buy me this pwease (please... T___T) me pointing at the 5 color palette of dior with purple variants 2009 a/W collection. then mom would reply: Hmmm stares at me in a rude way then raising her eyebrows you know how young your skin still is. It doesn't mean that if you put makeup on your skin it will look good on you or you will feel beautiful, Being beautiful comes from withtin first. Then my face would turn like O___O! ok lets head on already to eat something XD. I knew her words are words of wisdom. Mother knows best. ^____^ although Im not saying here to stop putting makeup then That makes me a hypocrite I just want to say just do it in moderation. Don't wear makeup as your everyday costume. Which will shadow over your real beauty. ^_____^ Im still a 20 yr old girl I've got a long way to run in the field of beauty and skincare so Im in the process of continous learning and there's no check point or stopping. Nyahahaha the Part two among the 2009 japanese collection would be next so addicts stay tuned. -Jaane!-

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