Monday, July 20, 2009

Ueno Juri

Mukyaaah XDDD Did you remember her in Nodame Cantabile? well Im sure you did. She is Ueno juri One beauty that will last forever in my mind. She really has this Angelic Face that really doesnt need too much of a makeup. One of those Maquillage model spokesperson. I really laughed a lot and enjoyed watching her in Nodame >_< Gosh and sensei tamaki is cool too -blushes- nyahahahaha. I hope in the near future they would still create a movie with her and tamaki tandem again. Remembering her on the movie Nodame a girl who is very likely similar to the wondrous Mozart, that doesn't want to take a bath lol. But no one would believe coz even though she plays someone who doesn't take a bath a couple of 3 days I'd say would still look cute. agree? Lol but please don't do that for real all those girls out there XDD (laughs) Taking a bath is really important to remove that dreded germs -______- grrrr, and dead skin cells. yeah slough them all away. XDDD. -END- Jaane!

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