Monday, July 20, 2009

Create A Dolly Peachy look

Who could resist that Peachy shade look that gives you an ethereal finish? I guess no one unless you are a hater of course so back off XD LOl! One more thing Japanese girls Love that Natural peachy lips and cheeks. Kinda Au Naturel isn't it? so here's the look for all you guys out there. Japanese people plays more on their eyes especially many Asian people suffered from monolids but that doesn't stop them from experimenting with their looks and thus they create a genius results from their artistic hands despite from their before photo's then you would be amazed in their after shots. Woah now how did that thing happened Lol! I always adore that model's face as her face reminds me of a modern day doll. like Gemma Ward but Asian version (laughs) so kyoot. I often saw her in Non-no Magazine beauty section and some Maquia Mags issues. Anyways whoever that model is Kirei-desu, Bijin_desu. XD. Enjoy the Tutorial. I wish one day I can share you my pictures with a more specific step by step procedure on how to achieve that and this look like any bloggers showed out there. But I guess I lack the Gadget I lack the Materials I only owned a few makeup -____- nah! but that won't stop me from sharing. -END- Jaane!

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