Monday, July 20, 2009

The Makeup Basics ^_____^

Hi Mina_san (everyone) Im sure you all know already the Basic of makeup but some still have the difficulty on how to apply that's why it resulted in creasing or some makeup application failure but it's ok as we are opt for failure sometimes but that shouldn't be an excuse. Here are some Tutorial On how to apply foundation, concealer, blush and contouring effortlessly. I hope It will help you in a way. ^____^. I must admit I'm one of those who apply makeup sometimes that resulted in failure but Im starting to realize what are the things that worked for me already. Everything in life is made up of learning, Discovery is something that we need to do in order to unlocked up our own ignorance.Ehem As my skin is super sensitive I dunno where to start but because of some makeup guru's out there ^_____^ I now know where to go. What I only hated about is that I tend to break out before or after my period arrives. Such hormonal break-out is killing me T___T sigh. But with my diet and personal skincare I hope I can bat away those pimps XDD. Yeah fighto fighto XDDD LOL! Im still an astute I should say. I've still got a long way to run and the earlier to take good care of your skin the better to arrive on the results when you grow old. Of course if you chose the right products for what your skin needs. I will soon post about my skincare or any makeup that I used so far so watchers be patient and Haters Go away shuuu (-____-)./ -END- jaane!

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