Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Edward and Alphonse

O_O! Im really into this anime it's the FULL METAL ALCHEMIST. It's a story about Alchemisty of course, and a two young boy who decided to revive their dead mother but resulted in a twist of failure. Failure what kind of? well according to the story you can't gain something without a thing in exchange or equal value. That's why Edowado_elric kun lost his left leg first but then Alphonse lost his whole body and Edward decided to have his younger brother's soul transmuted into an empty metal casket robot thingy. In the End Edward lost his right arm too in exchange for his brother's soul to be transmuted. It's a story full of action, love, Friendship, Trust, betrayal, comedy, All packed in one. Lol! -END- Jaane!

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