Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ryoko Hirosue

Ryoko Hirosue born July 18, 1980 Is a japanese actress and a Pop Star. She is on my list among those very pretty japanese Stars that doesnt need too much makeup in order to look good. Her face radiates like that of a baby. Plus she has this never ending baby face even though with respect on her age she doesnt look old. Her skin is porcelain like well you can expect that in most japanese they have the most Sugoi(amazing) skin. I envy their skin. T___T I regret Ruining my skin in my childhood days having swimming lessons but never did learn how to swim LOl! But I somewhat recovering it. ^___^ Ok back to Ryoko everytime she showed those fangs of her I could hmmm let's say blush. Hell Im not a lesbian or a tomboy I'm straight but we girls can't helped it sometimes to be attracted to some girls that we looked upon to as our beauty icon right and there's no harm or nothing bad in there. In terms of skin genetics plays a very important role on how your skin looked like or what is your skintone. Im happy that my skin is fair my Older brother has Tan skin. Well you'll never know which one you will get on your genes from your ancestors or from your parents. Lol! that's all -END- Jaane!

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